Courier, Microsoft’s Answer to Apple’s Tablet

With all the buzz about Apple’s keyboard-less Tablet, Microsoft appears to have its answer: the Courier.  Most people will agree that keyboards will be phased out at some point, especially with mobile devices, the only question seems to be when? Courier

I can’t help but think of the Courier as the Nintendo DS to Playstation’s PSP, with the split screen being the main reason of course.    The Courier has the look of a Trapper Keeper on steroids.  With it’s book-like appeal and duel screens, there would appear to be room for way more options than the single-screened Tablet; however, there seems to be some concern over it’s use of apps.  With a journal-based theme and point-touch capabilities, the Courier could easily take on a life of its own, maybe in the classroom. 

Along with Google’s Wave (see below), the Courier and the Tablet will be three of the biggest stories of 2010.

~ by danjsilver on September 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Courier, Microsoft’s Answer to Apple’s Tablet”

  1. Awesome… very great issue. I will write about it also!

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