Wave of the Future?

google-wave-wallpaper-2With Google Wave set to launch their 100,000 user test on Wednesday, we should finally get a glimpse of what the future of communication online might look like.  Everyone is waiting to see how users will welcome in Wave, but what should be equally exciting, is how advertisers will utilize it.  So far Wave looks like a cross between every form of social talk online from e-mail, to g-chat, to aim, to status updates, to twitter…but where will advertising come in?  And ultimately, will Wave become a viable form of social media in the sense that large amounts of audiences can interact together?  The answer should come soon as Wave sounds prime to launch in the first half of 2010.

UPDATE:  An invite to Google Wave is being auctioned on ebay for over $5,000 right now.  Let’s not forget this is a free invite and people all over the world will have access within the next 6 months.  Need more proof the buzz is real?

~ by danjsilver on September 30, 2009.

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