Looks Like Someone Got an “A” in Chemistry…

The new trend with social media sites and various gadgets (iphone), is allowing third parties to create their own apps.  It’s pretty genius really.  labsThere are tons of tech savy freelancers out there, why not let them build products for your company for free?  Or you can be nice and kick them back a decent percentage like Apple does with its App Store.

Either way, this idea is picking up momentum from everyone like Google (with Wave) to the recent news of Twitter Labs.  It’s not like Google Labs, which has in house developers rolling out new features in beta form.  What Twitter Labs will do, is allow outside developers to create add-ons and various apps to compliment the site.  This all according to Britt Selvitelle, the user experience and front end engineer of Twitter.  The announcement came at the Future of Web Apps conference in London.

The idea of new features being introduced to Twitter is not surprising, but it’s in the way these features will come about that may be.  Without evolving, there is no way that Twitter can keep growing.  People can only take so much short-hand information, that at some point you’d imagine some sort of enlightenment.  “Hey, my brain can actually process more than 140 characters at a time!”  I’m being very simplistic here, and the bottom line is that Twitter will keep growing.  And with this news we may have just found out how.

~ by danjsilver on October 2, 2009.

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