All Mix’d Up

Social mapping company Loopt has just launched one of their most popular features, “Mix,” as a stand along iphone application.  Loopt is a mobile application that essentially lets you discover the world around you, geographically.  A segment of Loopt called Mix, which lets you meet new people located nearby who also have the app, will now be its own entity.  According to the blog on Loopt’s website, “It’s ideal for those who are looptlooking for new friends to go to events with, getting to know someone over coffee, or new to town—almost anything you can imagine.”  Features include:

– Free messaging with people around the country on Loopt Mix!
– Browse profiles of interesting people near you.
– Real-time, in-app chat with push notifications.
– Post multiple photos and status updates to introduce yourself.
– Use likes / tags and search filters to connect in the real world.

According to TechCrunch, CEO of Loopt Sam Altman thinks that the future of mobile web applications is dating services, which Mix will be primarily used for.  While the app won’t tell you the location of any of its members, it gives you their proximity and allows members to connect with each other and chat.  It also has changeable privacy settings for those who are a little nervous being too visible.  Mix is a natural progression for the iphone and whether it succeeds or fails, mobile dating applications will continue to gain in popularity.  We once thought anyone using the internet to date was creepy, but now it’s probably less creepy than meeting someone at a bar.  In a society where time is more valuable than air, why sit at home looking for dates, when you can go out, have fun, meet new single people and then date them all in the same night.


~ by danjsilver on October 19, 2009.

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