Wait so LinkedIn just, finally, came out with a BlackBerry app?  Sadly, but I guess happily for some, yes.  You can download the app here and if you use LinkedIn and a BlackBerry, it’s really a must have.  So what does this application include?  Let’s see:

  • Network Updates. View and share crucial business intelligence and updates with your network.  Perfect for those spare moments between meetings.
  • Search. Search across over 60 million global professionals, and get the answer back in seconds. We’ve implemented a unified search across both your direct connections and the entire LinkedIn network.
  • Connections. LinkedIn is your address book in the cloud.  Get quick access to any of your connections to get their up-to-date profile information, and the ability to send them a message immediately.
  • Invitations. Why wait to get back to your desk? Accept outstanding invitations immediately.
  • Messages. Messaging is one of the reasons that BlackBerry owners love their devices, and we’ve worked hard to integrate your LinkedIn Inbox.
  • Reconnect. You can’t leverage your network if you don’t build it.  This module brings suggestions for new connections to you anytime.  Now you can build your network from anywhere, in seconds.

These are the main 6 features of the application, but there are some others.  You can also integrate your LinkedIn connections with your BlackBerry contact list, with your calendar and your email.  The team also stresses that this new app with be a priority and with that will come regular updates and enhancements.

I’ve downloaded the app, spent some time on it, and think that it’s definitely a solid first addition.  It’s easy to navigate, it’s easy on the eyes and it’s fairly fast — which is nice.  For more info and some screen shots, go here.


~ by danjsilver on March 30, 2010.

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