Board Games, iPad Style

Tell me you can’t picture the two kids (or adults for that matter) seated next to you on your next flight, playing this?

A new iPad application called Game Table is betting that will be the case.  It’s not just checkers, but many of the classic board games, all for the price of 99 cents (plus the cost of an Apple iPad).  Seems like an inevitable application, but if you really think about the possibilities, it’s another strong example of how the iPad can be a game changer — pun intended.  With the bigger screen, the idea of transforming the iPad into an interactive board game surface should be another reason to consider the device.  And this is just how Apple envisioned the iPad to work.  I’m convinced Steve Jobs works by the clichéd motto “if you build it, apps will come.”

You’ll be able to find the Game Table app in the iPad app store April 3rd.


~ by danjsilver on March 31, 2010.

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